The Coffee Catcha

How it works

It is quite simple really... The Coffee Catcha acts as a funnel to stop the coffee beans from falling over the edge of the portafilter. It is then used to scrape off the excess grind (as the barista would usually do with their finger).

Using the Coffee Catcha is also quite simple, trials have shown that it only takes a couple of days for the barista to get used to. Watch this video to see the Coffee Catcha in action and the comparison without using it.


  • Saves the cafe money. Trials have shown that the barista will save around 5-8% of all ground coffee wastage. Check out “The Savings” to see how much money that equates to
  • No more mess. Makes the workspace look cleaner, saves time on cleanup and the baristas hands stay a lot cleaner
  • Increases consistency. The basket can be overfilled every time giving correct dosage and reducing channelling
  • Better hygiene. The Coffee Catcha is also a scraper meaning the barista no longer needs to use their finger to scrape off excess grinds

The Savings

The return on investment (ROI) to a cafe using 1kg of coffee per day is only a few weeks. For high production cafes the ROI is only a few days. With domestic and office usage, whilst the overall coffee used is often not a lot compared to a cafe, the biggest savings is in time spent cleaning up the mess.


How did the Coffee Catcha come about?
A lot of cafe owners said that wastage of ground beans was a problem, both with the mess that occurs and the fact that they 'must be' losing money from it. Espresso Corp carried out significant market research to find out that these two issues were in fact a pain throughout the industry. We then went about solving that problem through product development and trialling prototypes with experienced players within the industry — until the ideal solution was identified.
Is the Coffee Catcha a brand new product?

Yes. Espresso Corp has developed Intellectual Property around the Coffee Catcha including:

  • PCT (application no. PCT/NZ2010/000013)
  • NZ patent (application no. 570241)
  • Community Design (application no. 001689472-0001)
Does the Coffee Catcha work on all types of machines?
The Coffee Catcha fits most commercial espresso machines including most versions of Astoria, Brasilia, Faema, La Marzocco, Nuova Simonelli, Rancilio, VBM/Vibiemme and Wega. Other versions of the Coffee Catcha (including one that fits the La San Marco) are coming soon.
What is "channelling"?
Channelling is the uneven extraction of the water through the packed wad of coffee. Channelling occurs when the basket is not filled evenly allowing the pressurised water to follow the easiest path of resistance — or through the gaps in the coffee wad. Channelling results in poor quality coffee.


What cafe owners and baristas are saying about the Coffee Catcha

The savings are blatantly obvious, there are no more massive piles of coffee under the grinder!
This is a great tool for scraping
It works really well. We will definitely use it for training younger baristas

How to use


Place the Coffee Catcha on top of the portafilter (with your thumb pressing lightly on the handle to keep it in place)


Grind the coffee as you normally would (you can overflow the basket as the Catcha will stop the coffee from falling over the edge of the portafilter)


Take the portafilter up to the grind chamber as you normally would and place the hand that you usually use to scrape excess grind on top of the Catcha (or on the handle of the Catcha)


Use the same action you would normally use to scrape, only this time let the Catcha guide the excess grinds into the grind chamber


Put down the Coffee Catcha and tamp as usual. You now have the perfect dosage and zero waste


Before starting, make sure the Coffee Catcha fits on the portafilter. If the handle of the Coffee Catcha is not touching the portafilter, bend it down so that it makes contact with the portafilter handle.